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  • Pay Equity
  • Organic
  • Fair Trade

When you see the fairDeal seal on food products it means:

  • Minimum 95 percent certified organic ingredients – Always, no exceptions.
  • 100 percent certified fair trade ingredients – Always, no exceptions.
  • 100 percent of raw materials sourced from farmer co-ops or family farms –
    Always, no exceptions, no plantations or industrial monocultures.
  • The brand is farmer- or independently owned and practices pay equity.

To become a member of the fairDeal supply web nonprofit and to be eligible to use the seal an organization must:

  • Derive 95 percent of its sales through the sale of certified organic goods.
  • Derive 50 percent of its sales through the sale of fair trade goods with gradual improvement to 100 percent.
  • Practice Pay Equity.
  • Be independently or farmer-owned. Companies owned by publicly traded corporations are not currently eligible to become members of the fairDeal supply web non-profit.

Who we are: The fairDeal philosophy:

The fairDeal was created to make fair trade and organics simple: Always organic and always fair trade so consumers never have to choose between the two. We are a consensus-based not-for-profit association comprised of mission-based organic and fair trade organizations. Our goal is to protect and maintain the integrity of organic and fair trade systems of agriculture by keeping farmers and farm workers at the centre of a just and ethical food system

The fairDeal puts power back into the hands of organic family farms and ethical consumers: no plantations, no publicly traded companies; ingredients always from family farms or their co-ops. Moreover, the fairDeal takes fair trade to the next level of integrity by having mandatory pay equity requirements to ensure a fair distribution of profit. This replaces a system that disproportionately rewards senior executives and shareholders at the expense of farm workers, family farmers, and all the other hard-working citizens who bring us our food. The fairDeal is the only marketplace seal that means certified organic, certified fair trade, pay equity. There is no true profit when exploitation exists

Member benefits:

  1. Differentiate your farmer co-op or independently owned family business from organic brands owned by conventional food and publicly traded companies.
  2. Benefit from increased consumer demand for certified organic food that is also certified fair trade.
  3. Find buyers or make sourcing of organic, domestic fair trade raw materials easier by joining our network.
  4. Be part of the change!

fairDeal seal holders:

Farmer Direct Cooperative Ltd. (www.farmerdirect.coop)

Participating Organizations:



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