The fairDeal was created to make your choice simple: Always organic and always fair trade so you never have to choose between the two.

Welcome to the evolution of food and farming.


fairDeal is

Fair Trade


Independent or
Cooperatively Owned



When you see the fairDeal seal on food products, it means:

  • The product contains a minimum of 95 percent certified organic ingredients. 
  • ALL ingredients are certified fair trade, when available. 
  • ALL raw materials were sourced from farmer-owned cooperatives or direct from family farms—no plantations or industrial mono-cultures.
  • The brand is farmer- or independently owned.

Always. No Exceptions.


Why fairDeal?


Who We Are

The fairDeal is a not-for-profit association of mission-based organic and fair trade organizations. 


The fairDeal Philosophy

The fairDeal seal was created to make shopping for responsibly produced foods simple: Products that carry the fairDeal seal are always organic and always fair trade so you never have to choose between the two.


Our goal is to protect and maintain the integrity of organic and fair trade agricultural systems by keeping farmers and farm workers at the center of a just and ethical food system.


The fairDeal Effect

The fairDeal puts power back into the hands of organic family farms and ethical consumers. No plantations, no publicly traded companies, and ingredients are always from family farms or their co-ops.


The fairDeal is the only marketplace seal that means certified organic, certified fair trade, and independent or cooperatively owned.


There is no true profit where exploitation exists.



Farmer Direct Co-op launches first fairDeal product in the marketplace.

The farmer-owned co-op expands beyond the bulk aisle to launch fairDeal, organic grain, legume and oilseed packaged products in Whole Foods Market. Read more-->

World Fair Trade Day Activities, May 14, 2016

Stores across the nation are creating positive change by celebrating World Fair Trade Day, showcasing dedicated fair trade brands, and providing in-store education. Check out the Fair World Project's Find a Store Near You page to learn which of your favorite stores are helping bring more than just healthy food, but a healthy global economy too. When you choose products from fair trade brands committed to working with small-scale farmers, you create positive change in the lives of farmers, farm workers, producers and their families. 


7.7 million

acres of organic farmland in Canada & U.S.

fair trade (n.):

A movement whose goal is to help producers get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices.


cooperative businesses in Canada & U.S.


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